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Numbering systems (part 3)

There is also one another interesting numbering systems: the duodecimal (also known as dozenal), that is base 12. We have good proves that this is how old Egyptians were counting. They were using their thumb to count other finger joints (three in each of the… Continue Reading →

Numbering systems (part 2)

Why are we grouping bits into bytes (8 bits)? Another ‘magical truth’ I saw a lot is that someone decided – all of a sudden – to use 8 bits to cook a bigger unit, the byte. And that he… Continue Reading →

Numbering systems (part 1)

I read some articles and books recently where the authors were explaining – with some insurance – how the numbering systems we use as humans and in computer science were randomly/arbitrary chosen… That put me so much on my nerves…… Continue Reading →

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