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Coding style

Something that evolved a lot during these years is the coding style I use. When I look backward in my past projects – mainly when it’s backup and cleaning time! – I can easily identify different ‘periods’. And these periods… Continue Reading →

Work in progress…

I had little time available for my own projects these days. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t in my head/heart… When the time allowed, I mainly worked on my 6502 debugger for Mac: D65… What I do is – when… Continue Reading →

Build warnings

As a side note – and as I already talked about some of my obsessions – “build warnings” is another one. I always try to tend to zero warnings as much as possible. And I’m a big fan of the… Continue Reading →

Toolchain needed…

At the moment, I’m looking for a way to setup a toolchain to develop for the GPH Caanoo… I do have some projects that itch. I may tell later what these projects are. I already did that in the past…. Continue Reading →

Dependency injection pictures

Some pictures about the Dependency Injection meet up Practicing before the show… On stage ^^

Dependency injection

I’ll be tomorrow a speaker at the Swift Paris meetup. The topic is about Dependency¬†Injection (DI). And my part concerns “Dependency injection vs Singleton“. We well know that iOS development (among other platforms) has often been reduced to the “Singletons… Continue Reading →

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