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Round corners

As I was working on some GUI I was quite obsessed with rendering rounded rects. And I remembered something funny: When I was a kid I was programming a lot on my Atari ST (in 68000 with Devpac). So when… Continue Reading →


For my current project, I needed to render the GUI on a bare platform. So I had to draw primitives such as: – points – lines – rectangles – circles – rounded rectangles These can be filled or not, and… Continue Reading →

Setting up the cross compiler for Caanoo development

I was wanting to develop for the Caanoo… I love this console and I more than mourned that the company behind it died… I would have loved them to release the next one (Gp2x, Wiz, Caanoo, …)… So as GPH… Continue Reading →

Toolchain needed…

At the moment, I’m looking for a way to setup a toolchain to develop for the GPH Caanoo… I do have some projects that itch. I may tell later what these projects are. I already did that in the past…. Continue Reading →

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