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Atari ST


I recently bought these chips: – 1 x 68000 CPU DIP – 1 x WD1770/1772/1773 FDC DIP – 1 x AY-3-8910/YM2149F SOUND CHIP – 1 x MC68901P DIP – 2 x MC68B50 DIP These were the chips used in the… Continue Reading →

68000: #$4E71 > NOP

It happened that I was sometimes reversing/editing/updating existing programs. One reason was: the program had some copy protection, I was not having the money to get it (as a kid) and I had to give it back to a friend…. Continue Reading →


Nowadays it is quite easy to find any kind of information on the internet. But when I was a kid it was a mission to get valid information. You could go to the library – at first – but as… Continue Reading →

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