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September 2017


As a rolling stone, my debugger is always moving forward… step by step… It now comes in two flavors: a terminal app with a terminal (ala GDB), and a mac os app (ala Xcode). And has a name: D65! As… Continue Reading →

Build warnings

As a side note – and as I already talked about some of my obsessions – “build warnings” is another one. I always try to tend to zero warnings as much as possible. And I’m a big fan of the… Continue Reading →


Here are the computers I was using as a kid, in the chronological order: Atari 600 XL           This was my first computer. I was mainly playing games with it. And I remember that we were… Continue Reading →

WDC 65C02: Enhanced debugger

I had an issue that made me scratching my head for a few days… I was having some bytes of memory (supposed to be ‘data’) tagged as ‘instruction’… And it was giving bad results, false positives, etc. in the resulting… Continue Reading →

WDC 65C02: Testing the result

Once the opcodes are all implemented, we need to test that the resulting “virtual processor” emulates everything correctly. We already saw previously that we can assemble some source code, feed the emulator with the resulting binary and check the disassembled… Continue Reading →

The T-800 has a 6502

Here is a frame from The Terminator movie (James Cameron, 1984) where we can see its processor sounds similar to a 6502 (but there are still some incoherences with random or just incremented numbers xD)

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