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November 2017

68000: #$4E71 > NOP

It happened that I was sometimes reversing/editing/updating existing programs. One reason was: the program had some copy protection, I was not having the money to get it (as a kid) and I had to give it back to a friend…. Continue Reading →

AT&T vs Intel

I hate to say that but I have to admit the enemy won! When it’s about the assembler syntax or some processor concepts, I always was on the AT&T side (Motorola): I prefer Big Endian and I read/write operands from left to… Continue Reading →


Nowadays it is quite easy to find any kind of information on the internet. But when I was a kid it was a mission to get valid information. You could go to the library – at first – but as… Continue Reading →

Swift: Defer

I kinda start to love Swift. Even if at some moments I clearly hated it (when they removed the pre/post de/incrementation for instance), I feel like discovering a new world… just because I don’t feel as comfortable as I feel with… Continue Reading →

Coding style

Something that evolved a lot during these years is the coding style I use. When I look backward in my past projects – mainly when it’s backup and cleaning time! – I can easily identify different ‘periods’. And these periods… Continue Reading →

Numbering systems (part 3)

There is also one another interesting numbering systems: the duodecimal (also known as dozenal), that is base 12. We have good proves that this is how old Egyptians were counting. They were using their thumb to count other finger joints (three in each of the… Continue Reading →

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