Here are the computers I was using as a kid, in the chronological order:

Atari 600 XL






This was my first computer. I was mainly playing games with it.

And I remember that we were typing BASIC programs on it with my uncle.
We had a book with some game source codes in it. And we were looking at the pictures in the book (hand-drawn sketches) dreaming of having the same thing on screen!

We had it for one year or so before my dad changed it for the 800 XL.

Atari 800 XL

We then had a 800 XL at home. I loved this computer. I was programming some small games – not very inspired ones – but hey! I was learning more than anything ^^

I was developing in Basic first, then Forth and 6502!

One of the program I was very proud of:
I was reading the memory and sending the values to the sound chip.

I knew almost every note coming out of it and I was kinda used to its music.

This was pure magic to me but in the end, I was just turning the ROM into notes. And I’m even surprised it turned out to have some melody!

Atari 520 STF

This was my real first love…
I was doing Basic, STOS, GFA Basic, Omikron… at first!

I remember my dad was trying to make a PacMan clone in Basic… and I was often taking a look at him and the books he bought to learn.

And then I discovered the 68000, such a revelation to me!
A very good friend of mine was coming home sometimes and we were exchanging on the sources, recipes, technical details, demo making… and we were doing fun projects together!

I was 11 years old and we were talking about assembler, counting cycles, Bresenham, complex numbers, raytracing, 3d, soundtrack, …

I loved this time and memories! and it shaped me so much…