As a side note – and as I already talked about some of my obsessions – “build warnings” is another one.

I always try to tend to zero warnings as much as possible.
And I’m a big fan of the compiler option “treat warnings as errors”!

Why? because I always think there is no smoke without fire i.e. an actual build warning may end up in a bug or a later issue (not only speaking of deprecated code) and it is better to fix it as soon as it occurs to avoid future headaches!

For instance, I have – many times – had to work on existing projects filled with warnings. And people were not paying much more attention to it.
In the end, some small bugs not easily explainable could have been fixed ahead in time when it was still just a warning!
And that is much more manageable than the resulting indigestible soup (we are talking about +3,000 warnings) bringing all the efforts down!

So I’m quite used to spend the early days – once arriving in a new position – fixing some warnings – it is also a good way to get a good grasp of a project – then set up a linter – it ensures people will then work together in the best conditions even if it first adds a bunch of new warnings – and increase the code coverage with deserved unit tests… blah, blah, blah…

Just to say…