I had little time available for my own projects these days.
But that doesn’t mean it isn’t in my head/heart…

When the time allowed, I mainly worked on my 6502 debugger for Mac: D65…

What I do is – when I have ideas/details of what I would love to have in such a tool – I keep writing them on various papers and when the time allows I implement as much as I can.

One weird thing is that I’m kind of rusty when things are about making a Cocoa Application (ie that can be run on the Mac with an OS X interface).

And I do believe it is not only on my side: Cocoa development is – in some way – at a crossroad. Apple has moved its focus on iOS for years and the Mac is left behind… all the actual topics such as Swift, Storyboards, … are not as developed/stabilized/polished as they are for the mobile.

For instance: when you design your storyboard in Xcode (in the ex Interface Builder part) you can only zoom in/out if your project is targetted for iOS, it is deactivated for the Mac (for no apparent reason, this is crazy).

And when you are looking for documentation or even samples, they are mainly outdated or made in Objective-C for prior versions of OS X/Cocoa with deprecated APIs.

Even the samples provided by Apple are not up to date, they crash or even don’t even compile!!
And I’m not talking about old samples… but – for instance – samples from the WWDC 2015, which was only two years ago!!!

Hopefully, a good surprise I had was how easy it is to mix C code with Swift!
I was able to keep my 6502 engine as it!

So there is more to come when I’ll have something to show out of the oven 😉

(and if I feel inspired I may port this to Windows at a later time)