I recently bought these chips:

– 1 x 68000 CPU DIP
– 1 x WD1770/1772/1773 FDC DIP
– 1 x AY-3-8910/YM2149F SOUND CHIP
– 1 x MC68901P DIP
– 2 x MC68B50 DIP

These were the chips used in the Atari ST… and I love them!

It would nice if I could keep them with me all the time…
make a necklace out of it… no, just kidding!


But especially the 68000, such a nice processor!
and so many memories…

I even opened my Atari ST or Jaguar in the past to take a look at it,
see the things under the hood!

You have no idea on how much I cherish it!
and how much it affected who I am.