At the moment, I’m looking for a way to setup a toolchain to develop for the GPH Caanoo

I do have some projects that itch. I may tell later what these projects are.

I already did that in the past. Building some samples or trying out some ideas for the console. And it was working pretty well, but…

GPH was still alive back then. There was a well-documented website (in both Korean and approximative English) with all the required tools… And I was most of the time on a Windows machine at the time (or some other times on a Macintosh through Bootcamp or even Parallel Desktop). But time flies…

Nowadays I’m using (and loving?) a Macintosh and the cross compiling mainly sums up to building for the Apple iPhone, iPad, TV, Watch (but still a bit of Raspberry Pi).

To sum up:

  • I’m looking for getting all the tools needed (such as `arm-gph-linux-gnueabi-as`, `arm-gph-linux-gnueabi-gcc`, `arm-gph-linux-gnueabi-g++`) x86-64 flavoured to trigger my makefiles on Mac.
  • I do already have tons of backups with the Windows version of the tools.
  • But I do not want to go back on Windows at any cost! I can’t bear thinking of me installing Windows, Cygwin, the cross compilers, blah, blah, blah… etc. it would be like going back to middle age!

Anyways, work in progress…