I’m working on a new project… I call it Lynxoo



What is Lynxoo about?
Lynxoo is an Atari Lynx emulator for the Caanoo (hence the ‘oo’ postfix) made from scratch.

Why another Lynx emulator?
I know one can already use Handy on the Caanoo through Ginge (which is not an emulator, for those in the dark :P).

But I wanted to have one especially made for the Caanoo that could run all the games I was loving or wishing to have (I had a Lynx when I was 13 years old, and I later worked on a game planned for it but never released).

With a nice and good interface and a perfect hardware emulation!

And I found out this could be a good exercise that fits what I love: low level, optimisation and tweaks…

Why the Caanoo?
Because I love this console, I have two of them: one black and one white.
(and I recently discovered there is a red one!!!).

And I believe the form-factor would be a very good fit for such an emulator.

The screen is perfect (the Lynx had a standard 160×102 pixels screen, the Caano is 320×240), you can either upscale it (times 2×2 with some small borders – 18 pixels – on the top and the bottom) or use the native resolution with a background showing the original console (in the version you prefer: Lynx or Lynx II).






And it has the right number of buttons, plus some more for the interface…
And use the tactile screen to intercept when the user interacts with the buttons on the background.

The only issue I could find out is the lack of a real d-pad to perfectly match the original device, but the analogic stick would do the job.

And I may try to convert screen touch event for some games like Shanghai:

But I’ll then need to hack the game a bit and check how I could plug such a feature ^^

And as a bonus, here is the red Caanoo: